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Designing your WIF Evaluation:  The Evaluation Toolkit for Prospective WIF Grantees, Parts One and Two

This two-part series is designed to assist prospective Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) applicants in planning for the evaluation component of their proposal and project.  Part One, covers chapters 1 and 2 of the Toolkit, and provides an overview of program evaluation and its connection to WIF.  It also reviews some evaluation basics, discusses different types of evaluations and their pros and cons. Next, the steps for creating a preliminary evaluation plan are reviewed.  Part Two reviews chapters 3 through 6 of the Toolkit, covering evaluation topics to consider as you plan your WIF application.  It also describes the Evaluation Design Report, which will guide all aspects of the evaluation.  While some of the materials discussed in this series will be developed after the grant award, a thorough understanding of the evaluation considerations presented here will help prospective grantees plan and design both the intervention and evaluation. Importantly, the Toolkit provides guidance on selecting a third-party evaluator and planning for that process, and also offers key considerations for developing a timeline and budget for an evaluation.

Designing your WIF Evaluation:  Part 1

Designing your WIF Evaluation:  Part 2

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