Workforce Innovation Fund


Welcome to the Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) website! The WIF is an investment of $146.9 million in competitive four-year grants to 26 grantees across the nation by the U.S. Department of Labor. The WIF supports innovative approaches to the design and delivery of employment and training services that generate long-term improvements in the performance of the public workforce system.

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Get to Know the Grantees

The current WIF grantees were chosen for their innovative approaches to workforce services & reform, their focus on achieving measurable outcomes, and their emphasis on building knowledge about effective practices through rigorous evaluation and translating “lessons learned” into increased cost efficiency in the broader workforce system.

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A primary purpose of the WIF is to improve the performance of the country’s workforce system by determining what works, and building a body of evidence-based practices within the field of workforce development. The outcomes generated through these WIF investments will consequently play a significant role in determining the future course of publicly-funded employment and training programs.

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Lessons Learned

Together with Evaluation, information will be regularly shared about the grantees’ progress toward implementing successful training approaches, their challenges, and opportunities for the broader workforce system to support the adoption of these innovative practices. At the end of the four-year grant period, a high-quality set of recommendations that result in meaningful policy enhancements and workforce system retooling will be provided to the public workforce system.

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What is “Pay for Success?”

The Pay for Success (PFS) model is a new way of financing social services to help governments target limited dollars to achieve a positive, measurable outcome. Under the Pay for Success model, a government agency commits funds to pay for a specific outcome that is achieved within a given timeframe.

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Stakeholder Engagement Series

The Eye on the Workforce Innovation Fund Stakeholder Engagement Series, Innovating for Change, is designed to provide a national forum for the public workforce system to discuss the power and promise of innovation.

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Using Labor Market Information (LMI)

Labor market information (LMI) can provide great insight into the economic landscape of a region, and be used in so many ways that it is sometimes hard to know where to get started. To help the Newark Workforce Investment Board (WIB) analyze how to best use LMI within their increasingly data-driven decision making processes – a goal of their Workforce Innovation Fund project “Managing for Success”, a technical assistance subject matter expert, Lois Joy from Jobs for the Future, demonstrated how to use both traditional and real-time LMI to guide the WIB’s investments and increase accountability of the training programs they support.

While every WIB has its own ...

Ohio Workforce Initiative Association’s Business Resource Network (BRN) Expansion Project Highlights Successes

BY Matt Falter, Project Director

Our 6 LWIAs, covering 16 counties in Ohio, continue to report successful implementation of the BRN – a WIF-funded project focused on the collaboration and implementation of business services from a regional perspective. The project, which is on pace to far exceed the measureable outcomes identified in the initial grant proposal to USDOL reports the following:

As of May 31, 608 businesses have participated in an in-depth, one-on-one interview with a member of the BRN team to identify current challenges and opportunities the company is facing. Of the 608 businesses interviewed, 452 customized proposals have been delivered to the companies that identify a variety of ... Read More...